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Detainees are following the Egyptian revolution

Detainees are following the Egyptian revolution

Palestinian captives in the Negev desert prison are following closely the progress of the Egyptian people’s revolution and the news emanating from the Tahrir Square in Cairo through whatever media means available to them in Jail.

In a letter leaked out of prison the captives said that despite the very cold weather at night captives of different political persuasions are following closely events taking place in Egypt and pray for the success of the people’s revolution.

The captives said in their letter that the Egyptian people were always an inspiration to other people and a source of pride for the Arabs, adding that the Palestinian cause was always in need of the support of the Egyptian people without obstacles to stop Zionist encroachments in Jerusalem and the West Bank and end the siege on the Gaza Strip.

The captives said that most of them, even Fatah’s captives, support the demands of the Egyptian protesters.


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