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An exclusive interview with Hamas leader Dr. Khalil Al Hayya

An exclusive interview with Hamas leader Dr. Khalil Al Hayya

  • Iran supports us financially, politically and morally without political price.
  • Our priorities are to promote the right of our people in resistance, political partnership and break of the siege.
  • Our relationship with Egypt based on shared principles and interests.
  • Signature of the Egyptian paper without changes is a sword wielding in our faces.

Dr. Khalil Al Hayya stressed in an exclusive interview with Al Qassam website that Hamas movement receives Iranian support financially, politically and morally without paying any political price, and expressed his pride and welcome to all strategic relationship with all Muslim and Arab countries that support the Palestinian people and resistance. Here, the full text of the dialogue:

In the beginning of 2010... Are the Palestinian people and the Palestinian issue okay?

The Palestinian people are always moving towards a specific goal of ending the occupation and establishing a Palestinian state on Palestinian national land, so as long as our people are moving towards achieving their objectives, I think that they are okay.

Of course, our way toward victory is full of pain, suffering, prisons, exile, and martyrdom, but as long as our people are heading the right direction towards ending the occupation, liberating the land, liberation of holy places and establishing their independent state; they are fine. I think that our people will bring security and ambitions for themselves and their nation.

The Dialogue and reconciliation took too long time, where the reconciliation stopped?

We hoped to reach the last stage and to achieve the spacious political partnership through the promotion of reconciliation and national unity, but unfortunately, despite all concessions and flexibility made by Hamas in all rounds of dialogue, most recently meeting with officials in Egypt, we were surprised that all of what is provided to us do not match with what was agreed upon previously; therefore, our simple demand is that the Egyptian paper to match what has been done previously with the Palestinian factions, but unfortunately the Egyptians frozen their position on this issue.

Hamas confirms that reconciliation is a national and strategic option to it, and we in Hamas raise this issue in all our meetings, we seek to achieve it with all our strength, believing in our right to modify our remarks on the Egyptian paper. We hope to achieve the real way and perform reconciliation soon.

We stress that Egypt has made an estimated effort that must be completed, if the reconciliation is designed to enhance the political partnership and to heal the Palestinian ranks and stand in front of challenges, this reconciliation will succeed, but if it aimed at weakening party and strengthen other, I believe that this reconciliation will be in a state of hazy vision.

Some accused Egypt of participating in the last aggression on Gaza, this was followed by some noted measure like logistic support to the Zionist army during the war, the construction of the steel wall and the block of the "Lifeline 3" convoy, after all this you are accused of courtesy to the Egyptian regime .. How do you respond?

It is not wrong to stress on the historic and strategic relationship between us and our Arab brothers, Muslims and all free people who support our right, and we are keen to have a good relationship with all the Arab and the international governmental and nongovernmental systems. We have no problem or dispute with any system or with any people, because we recognize that these peoples and regimes are supposed to be supportive of the right of the Palestinian resistance and the Palestinian program, so we do not anything that could impair this relationship.

But this does not mean that we do not say what we think is right, we differ in certain policies regarding the Palestinian issue with respect to their own domestic regulations. In terms of the Palestinian cause, we disagree with this system or that, and it is our right to say what we think is right in our cause.

We respect the Egyptian positions and sacrifices regarding out cause, but when we see the Egyptian system doing what we consider not right, we say it frankly. We consider the construction of the steel wall and the block of the "long life 3" convoy not a successful policy and we ask for more right of Arabism.

So, we differentiate between the good relationship in dealing with Egypt and other Arab countries of Egypt, and to say that this is a mistake as we see.

Hamas is accused of failure in transition from faction to Government of the people, How do you respond to?

This is not true; Hamas assumed the national responsibilities which were given to it by the Palestinian voters, and the tenth government extended hands to all the political parties, and asked them to come with us, but there was an international resolution to leave Hamas alone. What do we do then?! To surrender?! I remember that Azzam Al-Ahmad said to Dr. al-Zahar and Siyam in Aqaba, "Leave the government to Fatah and observe it through the legislative council because the international community does accept you.

Is this acceptable in the policy? When Fatah calls to form the government, this decision is against the will of the Palestinian voter, who has delegated the majority of seats for the Change and Reform bloc to form the government, and we extended it with our hands to them and asked them to form a government with us, and when they refused We have to form a government alone.

We offered major concessions in the formation of national unity, and gave away the parliamentary majority of us. The one who turned on the Government of National Unity and the Mecca agreement is that who responded to the decision of Dayton against the government.

Thus, which bears the collapse of the national unity government is that who gave the instructions to assassinate Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, but to blame Hamas, which participated very effectively, is unacceptable.

What are your priorities in Gaza?

Our priorities are to promote the rights of our people, which exercise the right of resistance to liberate their land, to maintain the security of citizen, to strengthen political partnership, to improve the performance and enhance transparency in the institutions of the Palestinian Authority and to break the blockade with all our strength. We will strive to help Palestinian citizens, and reconstruct Gaza. We ask here: "Who is responsible for preventing the reconstruction of Gaza and putting obstacles?"

As for the resistance, I say to all those who accuses Hamas of giving up resistance that Hamas, which faced the Zionist occupation for 22 days of devastating war, operates a fixed resistance in a way that protects the Palestinian people and verify and prove their steadfastness. I tell them not to forget what Hamas has done, to bring money to serve the Palestinian people.

We seek to achieve our priorities, despite the presence of a team does not want the movement to go forward.

Your relationship with Iran is dominated by murky, they say that Iran supports Hamas with money and weapons, is this true or is it just a political support?

Iran supports us financially, politically and morally; and stands beside the Palestinian people and his resistance, without going into unimportant details.

We in Hamas have our strategic relationships with everyone loves us and supports us, and we say very clearly that we belong to Arab and Islamic nations, so we are not afraid of this relationship, but it is a balanced relationship should be in the interest of the Palestinian cause and the resistance, but there is an attempt to tarnish the picture of Hamas, and try to tickle people's emotions and stir people under multiple names here and there.

The question here is that Iran is an enemy of the Zionist entity and the American project, and thus whether this country supports us as a people fight for their rights, why refuse? What is the harm in this relationship as long as we have had a good relationship of respect and appreciation?

We are ready to welcome the support that supports the resistance of our people from any party, on one condition that such support does not have any political price. We do not accept any interference in our politics.

But if they blame us for our relationship with Iran or Turkey or other countries, let them look at other people's relations with the occupation, and therefore we are proud of our relationship with everyone from our Arabic and Islamic countries. Yes, Iran has political and material support.

There is recent news that the U.S. will increase its military support for the Zionist entity, do not you think that this is an indication of a new war on Gaza?

U.S. support for the Zionist entity has continued for a long time, and there is an ungodly alliance between the Zionist entity and America, so this support is continuing, and the expectations exist, but in all cases the weapons come from the U.S; this is not surprising, and we must not forget that the Zionist entity is in the interest of U.S. in many of the issues in the region.

How do you imagine the scene 2010??

We hope that 2010 will be a year of Palestinian unity and political partnership. Also, I hope we will get to the stage of supporting the resistance from all Palestinians, and to stand united against the Zionist enemy with all its ambitions and attempts to end the Palestinian issue, disregarding our right.