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Martyrs Memorial

Ramzy Al A'arda

  • Martyrdom: Assassination
  • West Bank
  • 2004-03-30
Ramzy Al A'arda



Paramedics are not allowed to save Palestinians injured during clashes in Al-Bireh city - Israeli soldiers are apparently taught the "bleed to death" policy against Palestinians in all occurrences.


Belal Abed Rabu Al Stal

Belal Abed Rabu Al Stal
  • Assassination
  • Khanunies city
  • 2008-03-28


He was born in Juanuaery,10th,1991,  in  Khanunies city in humble house. He finished his primary, Prep. & high study in his camp's schools,  he was concerned on the resistant action against the Zionist entity.

He set a permanent smile on his lips, he was calm & polite, no one hate or malice him, if he went anywhere, everyone loves him.

He gained the respect of his neighbors by treating them well, he was visiting his friends permanently, his teachers witnessed that he was very polite with them.

He was working to help his father in house duties due to the difficult economical situations. He was very kind with parents, before he went out from his home; he was asking his mother if she need anything.

From the beginning, Belal loved the resistance path because he found it as the only way to realize the Palestinian stolen rights. Therefore, he participated in addressing several Zionist incursions in different regions.

Al Qassam Brigades:

Al Qassam leadership saw his behavior & commitment in the virtue, so they accept his request of being a member in Al Qassam Brigades, so he became a member in Khanunies city in 2007 .

He worked with Al Qassam Brigades in:

  1. He participated in protecting the camp from the Zionist forces.
  2. He participated with his friends in ambushing the Zionist forces.
  3. He participated in guarding his camp from the Zionist Special Forces.


On March,28th,2008 . He is martyr during the invasion of his camp from  the Zionist occupation. and the special force snip him.  He was very brave man he was fighting as he can.

The Mujahed was martyred after many years of hard work and sacrifice in defending his home from the Zionist occupation.

Al Qassam Brigades mourn the death of the Mujahed, reaffirms the commitment and determination to continue the resistance against the belligerent occupation forces.

Military Communiqué


Al Qassam Brigades mourns the Mujahid Bilal Al-Astal martyred eastern Al-Qarara

As Al Aqsa Intifada against the occupation assault on the Gaza Strip continues, Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades has its best men to be in the playground of death to defend their people from any attack by the enemy.. Today , Al-Qassam Brigades  mourns the death of the Mujahid :


Bilal Abidrabou Mossa Al-Astal                                              19-year-old

From Al-Qarara- Khanyounis


The Mujahid was martyred sustained of his wounds. He was injured when the Zionist air force fired a rocket towards them. His body turned into fragments. Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades mourns the death of the Mujahid, reaffirms the commitment and determination to continue the resistance against the belligerent occupation forces.


Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades

Information Office

March 28th , 2008



Belal Al Astal
Belal Al Astal