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Martyrs Memorial

Ramzy Al A'arda

  • Martyrdom: Assassination
  • West Bank
  • 2004-03-30
Ramzy Al A'arda



Paramedics are not allowed to save Palestinians injured during clashes in Al-Bireh city - Israeli soldiers are apparently taught the "bleed to death" policy against Palestinians in all occurrences.


Emad & Adel Awadallah

Emad & Adel Awadallah
  • Martyrdom way: Assassination
  • Ramallah city
  • 1998-10-09

Childhood and Education

He was born in April 4, 1967  and finished his secondary school from Al-Hashemia school in Al-Bera village in Ramallah. He Studied Math and Technology  in Al-Quds University then turned to Bethlehem University to study Arabic Literature; but the university was closed by the OF in the first Intifada. He was married with four children, two boys and two girls.


Political life

He became a member in the brotherhood and became a religious leader in Ramallah and Al-Bera. Adel was injured many times in the first intifida but that didn’t prevented him from resisting the occupation. Also, he was arrested many times as a result of his activities.


Imad Awadallah ( Brother of jihad and resistance )


The two brothers helped each other on the road of resistance. The PA thought that Hamas will end on the death of Imad. But they were wrong. Like his brother, Imad became a member of the brotherhood then an active member in Hamas. Occupation Forces arrested him many times and he became wanted. Imad fled from Jericho prison in an unknown conditions. He was a father to three children.


His wife reported

I thought that if my husband alive, he will not stand idle against the crimes of the occupation. He will resist the settlers and the occupation forces to win paradise or victory. We remember him everyday and in every anniversary of his martyrdom. He lives with us and in our dreams every night; and added, "My husband was a very good example of the best husbands and the best manners. He performed his five daily prayers in the mosque. And he loved to read.”


A message to his brothers after fleeing from prison

The message of torture and agony


To my brothers … to my Islamic and Arabic Umma


By the support of Allah , I liberate myself from the PA prison after being there for four months. In this period , I faced a sever torture in which no one can bear this punishment. I wrote this letter hoping to be logical and far from feelings.


First : Attacking my house

After the sever punishment from the PA interrogator to one of our brothers , he admitted my place. After that they arrested me.


The story

They attacked my house in the midday and my wife awake me and said the Forces is out of our house. I was ordered not to kill any one , so I tried to flee without harming any soldier. However , I failed to flee because the PA soldiers was around my house in all of its sides.

The first moments of my arrive to the prison:


After my arrive to the prison , they closed the door on me in an office. I demanded to see my family and advised them as the one who faced the death and that shocked the officers. They turned me to another office and some PA officers like Taib Abdel Rahim Tawfiq  Tearawi , Jibril Rojob , and others.


Al-Rojob asked me " why you kill Muhyi Eddin Al-Sharif ?" I replied " I did not kill any one "


Taib Abed Al-Rahim said " I'm coming to you in a deal from The president Arafat that you should say " the bullets went through my gun without intention " and after that " I will be released "

I replied " I'm not to trade in the martyrs' blood and that is unaccepted at all.


They tried another attempt which is to say that Muhyi was killed because of his assistance  with the occupation forces and he is immoral , so he was killed at that cause.


I replied " Have another man to distort the reality of Al-Qassam Brigades and all the martyrs "


After this session, they carried me to Jerico with The general officer of the PA intelligence.


The beginning of interrogation


WE reached  the central prison of Jerico and after asking some questions , they put a black pocket in my head. A group of them began to hit me. Although the punishment was not hard but I felt that I will loose my control but I had some patience and one of them gave me a cup of water.


  On the second day , they pictured me and asked me some other questions related to muhyi Eddin Al-Sharif and I replied that I did not have any relation with him.


The first stage in the PA prison


This stage was the most difficult stage. They tied my hands and legs then they ( Shabeh ) me for  thirty days. They punish me and hit me on my legs. The Shabeh resulted a bloodshed from my body.

They hit me on my legs three stages a day and on each stage 25 hits using a strong sticks to that severe punishment. I was a wake on the wall for twenty hours and they let me to sleep for four hours only.

This sever punishment in the different prisons continued for four months and a week.

I thank Allah for fleeing from  their prison and that was by the support of Allah.



Zionists welcomed the assassination of the two brothers in October 9, 1998 by the occupation special forces. At the same time, they warned of the coming revenge because of the assassination.


The two brothers and the Numbered Cemetery of Numbers

Hundreds of martyrs were kept this cemetery which is run by the Occupation Forces. It is a closed zone where martyrs are kept for years. Imad and Adel Awadallah were kept also in this cemetery.


Martyrs are buried in this cemetery and no one can visit them because it is well closed.  A Zionist photographer and working in the BBC infiltrated to this cemetery and reported that he has seen bodies between the inside ground and the surface of the ground and it seems that some animals were eating them. The occupation forces prevented entry till 1994 when a number of Knesset members entered on January 9, 1994. On the entrance it was written: "A cemetery of the enemy victims" and 100 tombs were found in it.

There is no data now.

Adel Awadallah
Adel Awadallah

Emad Awadallah
Emad Awadallah