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Martyrs Memorial

Ala E’Deen El-Fakhouri

  • Martyrdom way: Assassination
  • Hebron city
  • 2003-06-08
Ala E’Deen El-Fakhouri

Ibrahim Saad Al Bream

  • Assassination
  • Khanunies city
  • 2007-12-01
Ibrahim Saad Al Bream



Paramedics are not allowed to save Palestinians injured during clashes in Al-Bireh city - Israeli soldiers are apparently taught the "bleed to death" policy against Palestinians in all occurrences.


Muhannad Al-Taher

Muhannad Al-Taher
  • The Forth Engineer
  • 2002-06-30

There are a few people who work to give not to get . He is the one who searches to give people most of his time and effort. It is not for the sake of showing of but for the sake of Allah and for the sake of the dozens who were out of homes and land. Muhannad should enter the life of harsh , the life struggle , the life effort , because of his people.

One may imagine that Muhannad lived a very bad life that led him to be “a terrorist” or “a killer” in his youth. Never.. he was the last baby to his family, so they take care of him to be the best in his future. Muhannad can do whatever he likes .Means he is free or you can say that he is babied boy and youth. He is the last child to his mother. She likes him very much and that is clear in his marvelous video which shows his best relation with his mother. Muhannad was born in 1976 and brought up in an honored family.

He finished his primary school from Amru Bin Al-Aass and continued his preparatory and secondary in the school of Qedri Tukan in Nablus. He entered Al-Najah university to learn Islamic studies but the Zionist troops made him not to complete when they assassinated him before days of his graduation from the University.

Military life
Muhannad was not that naïve boy who could not achieve his goals. He was always could put a goal and achieve it .Even when he wanted to throw a stone on the occupation forces he didn’t try two times.
He is 18 years old when he was a soldier in Ezzdeen Al-Qassam Brigades and being “the Fourth Engineer” after less than four years. He was the student of Mahmoud Abu Hannoud when he began his defending of his people and land. His mother said “ I did not expect that my calm babied son can be a resister of this great occupation and can kill this huge number of those Zionist occupiers”
She assured that the declare of the Zionist Defense Minister that her son was “the responsible of killing 117 Zionist settlers” makes her proud of her son.
She assured also that her son told her not to cry after his Martyrdom …. She continued to say “ I asked him many times to live like anyone , to marry and to have children … He replied … I want to marry in Paradise Mum”

The day he expected and adored near to come. At night he kissed his mother’s hands and says “ Good night mother “ He farewells his mother as if he expect that he will be out of this world tonight. Muhannad should work day and night to defend the several and continuing aggression on the Palestinians everyday. So he went with his comrade “ Imad Nour Drawaza” to continue this road of Jihad. The enemy worked day and night to get rid of this man and others who stand against their arrogance and oppression. The tanks began to approach , the special forces , the bulldozers ,as if they will fight a country. You can say as if they will fight hundreds of men. They accused him of killing 117 Zionists. Muhannad was an army with one gun in his hand and some bullets. Someone else beside this man.. an old woman said “ please Allah Accept one of your lovers .. accept .. accept ..” she ended her prayer while Muhannad and his brother were facing a huge number of tanks and soldiers. Muhannad the boy became the terrified name to whichever a settler. Even the prime minister “Sharon” was following the action by himself as if he was fighting an Emperor>Yes he is fighting the innocents and civilians. Sharon and his gangs could cease fire and made a peaceful Muhannad because Muhannad was not brought up between” Fagin and his Gang”*

On Sunday 30 , June 2002 , in the evening , the battle began between Muhannad , his comrade , and the Zionist forces with their huge number of tanks , Apache beside the special forces. After five hours , Muhannad and his comrade had martyred.

On Monday 01,July, 2002 , the Zionist Government had a conference said in it “ the assassination of Muhannad is the best achievement that the army done in the operation of (firm Road).” In which the Zionist army occupied most of the West Bank claiming that they (both children, women, houses , and men ) were responsible for the killing of 117 Zionist.
Prime Minister Sharon considered that “ the assassination of Muhannad is an Israeli priority because he was the mind of the huge “Martyrdom Operations” inside Israel . Also Sharon considered the assassination of the very important operation”.

After the farewell of this great man , the Zionists said “ Now there will be no more “suicide operations” they mean “ Martyrdom Operations”
Their expectation completely failed when a huge number of Martyrdom operations happened inside our occupied land. Also , they failed when thousands of Muhannad’s came to continue the road of Muhannad.
Muhannad’s personal important advice is to buried beside his “teacher” Jamal Mansour.

May Allah Accept Muhannad and His Brother Nour

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Muhannad Al-Taher
Muhannad Al-Taher

Muhannad Al-Taher
Muhannad Al-Taher

Muhannad Al-Taher
Muhannad Al-Taher