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Martyrs Memorial

Mohammad Ayyash

  • Assistant of the first Engineer
  • Rafat village
  • 2005-07-16
Mohammad Ayyash



Paramedics are not allowed to save Palestinians injured during clashes in Al-Bireh city - Israeli soldiers are apparently taught the "bleed to death" policy against Palestinians in all occurrences.


Mohamed Abu Karsh

Mohamed Abu Karsh
  • Executed on the hands of traitors
  • Gaza city
  • 2007-02-06


Name: Mohamed Deeb Abu Karsh

Nickname: Abu Musab

Martyrdom date: Feb. 2nd 2007


Birth and roots 

Mohamed was born in  the 30th of June 1983, in an area called "Tel Al-Hawa neighborhood" in the middle of Gaza City. He was grown in a humble family. He was the second between his brothers.  His father was working hard to get a suitable  life for his children.


Study and work

Abu Musab completed his preparatory study in "Anas Ibn Malik" school. He finished his secondary study in Al Carmel school. Although he had worked in several student activities at the school, He was an example of the hard work  student during his study. He joined to the Islamic University to study in the field of management, but he left his study to help his father in his work because of the difficult economical circumstances.


Ramy, his elder brother, described his brother saying  "he was compassion to his family and to those who knew him. He was helping his father in the home and at work. He was keen to keep his parents satisfied on him.


Mohamed was known from his childhood with his commitment in the mosque. He was keen to wake the people to pray, and he was learning the children  to keep the Quran.


In addition to his work in the mosque, he was responsible for the Islamic bloc ( the student wing to the Islamic resistance movement Hamas).  


Resistance missions

Since  Al-Aqsa Intifada spread, he joined to the Brigades. then  his friend, the martyr Mohamed Al Sousi, and Mohammed  Al Tatars followed him.


Abu Musab participated in defending the Zionist attacks  on the Palestinian cities. He participated in defending the repeated invasions "Zytoon neighborhood" east of Gaza. He also participated in most of "Al-Battar" firing operations towards the Zionist tanks, and firing rockets on the Zionist settlement.


 Qassam rockets

Abu Musab was a member of the unit, which authorize to fire the Qassam rockets

. Abu Musab participated in the operation of launching the rockets that killed and injured many Zionist settlers.


He  was very keen to do a martyrdom operation against the Zionist aggression. He was chosen to do  two martyrdom operations but he was  very sad every time he came back because of some problems in doing the operation.




After the Zionist forces failed to assassinate him because  he has a sense of security enabled him to escape several times. They tried to assassinate him several times. In the first attempt they plant a bomb at the door of his home but it was  discovered. The second time was also revealed. The third time was when some traitors ambushed him near the preventive security center. He survived and injured in his head but his friend Mohammed was martyred.



On the 6th of February 2007, on Tuesday, some traitors belonged to Muhammad Dahlan, targeted  Abu Musab after they ask him to be out from his car. Muhammad thought that they will keep the Mecca agreement, in which all Palestinians were asked to stop internal conflicts . They executed him and injured three of his friends.

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Mohammed Abu Karsh
Mohammed Abu Karsh

Mohammed Abu Karsh
Mohammed Abu Karsh

Mohammed Abu Karsh
Mohammed Abu Karsh