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Qassam: Israel fully responsible for assassination of Mazen Faqha

Qassam: Israel fully responsible for assassination of Mazen Faqha

Al Qassam website - Al Qassam Brigades confirmed that the Israeli occupation holds full responsibility for the crime of assassinating the leader Mazen Fuqaha.

The brigades said in its statement: "The equation that the enemy wants to impose (the quiet assassination) will be broken and the enemy will regret this".

The brigades added that the occupation will pay a heavy price for this crime.

The Qassam leader Mazen Mohammed Fuqaha, 38 years, from Tubas, who was gunned down in a coward assassination operation on Friday March 24th, 2017.

Khalil al-Haya, Hamas's deputy chief in the Gaza Strip, said only Israel would benefit from the death of Fuqaha, who was released along with over 1,000 other Palestinian inmates in a 2011 prison swap deal with Israel.

"This assassination does not serve anybody but the occupiers; it is of no interest to the other parties," Haya said.

Fuqaha was serving 9-life sentences in Israeli prison for his prominent role in several heroic operation against Israeli occupation. Later, he was deported to Gaza following the prisoner exchange deal in 2011.