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Israeli settlers terrorize Palestinians in Al Khalil

Israeli settlers terrorize Palestinians in Al Khalil

Al Khalil - Dozens of Israeli settlers on Saturday evening broke into Palestinian neighborhoods in the southern occupied West Bank province Al Khalil, sparking unrest across the city.

local sources said Israeli settlers, escorted by army patrols, broke into the Old City of Al Khalil and stoned Palestinian homes.

The settlers also yelled racist slogans and called for forcing the Palestinians out of their homes in the city.

An anti-settlement activist said clashes burst out in the area, where the Israeli occupation forces attacked the Palestinian protesters with teargas canisters, resulting in several suffocation cases.

Heavily-armed Israeli troops have been spotted across the old City of al-Khalil since daybreak.

At the same time, the Israeli soldiers sealed off Bypass Road 60, near the northern entrance to Al Khalil, with a makeshift roadblock, where Palestinian civilians and drivers have been subjected to exhaustive inspection.