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Hamas will not give up a grain of the soil

Hamas will not give up a grain of the soil

Al Qassam Website/Agencies - Hamas spokesman in Khan Younis Hammad Al-Ruqub stated Monday that his Movement would not concede a grain of the Palestinian soil and would spare no effort to preserve the national constants atop of which is the liberation of Palestine.

Spokesman Ruqub said, on the occasion of the 22nd anniversary of Hamas Movement’s inception, that his Movement would remain the spearhead in the land of Jihad defending the Arab and Muslim nations’ dignity on their behalf.

He called on the Arab and Muslim nations to shoulder their responsibilities and stand by the Palestinian people until the coming of the victory day.

The spokesman also addressed Israel by saying it will not enjoy security and peace as long as the Palestinian land and holy places are occupied and appropriated.

The spokesman highlighted that the international community’s silence towards Israel’s injustice and US tyranny would be written in dark ink in the pages of history unless it hastened to remedy the situation and support the oppressed Palestinian people against their executioner.


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