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114 prisoners had been held for 20 years

114 prisoners had been held for 20 years

Al Qassam website - According to the former prisoner, Abed al-Nasser Farawana, a researcher on the prisoners' affairs, the number of prisoners who have been held for more than twenty years, called "Deans of prisoners", has risen up to (114 prisoners), after they were joined by Palestinian prisoners "Zaher Ayyad".

He noted that these "Deans of prisoners" are part of the list of "the old prisoners", which includes (315) prisoners imprisoned since before the Oslo Accords and the establishment of the Palestinian National Authority on the fourth of May 1994, and among them there is also (13) prisoners who have been held for a quarter of a century, and these are called "Generals of patience."

Farawana said that the prisoner "Zaher Salman Salem Ayyad" (50 years) from the city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, is married, and had been captured on February 15, 1990, on charges of resisting the occupation and its agents, and sentenced to 30 years.


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