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Factions warn of continued arrestings

Factions warn of continued arrestings

Al Qassam website - RAMALLAH - Hamas movement issued a statement in the West Bank on Tuesday warning the authority of de facto Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas of persisting in its arrest campaign of Hamas leaders and cadres.

"We are running out of patience", the statement said, advising Abbas's militias to take a lesson of what had happened to their counterparts in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas said it was adamant on maintaining the resistance option regardless of all pressures, calling on the human rights groups to follow up the daily torture rounds exercised on Hamas detainees in the PA "slaughterhouses".

For their part, Palestinian resistance factions in Gaza told a press conference on Tuesday that the detention in lines of resistance factions in the West Bank was a "desperate attempt to quell the resistance forces".

They urged the PLO and human rights groups to end their silence towards what is happening in the West Bank.

The factions insisted that resistance was the only strategic option capable of restoring Palestinian rights.

Abbas's militias kidnapped more than 750 carders and supporters of Hamas over the past few days following Al-Khalil and Ramallah attacks on Israeli targets.

Hamas MP Dr. Mahmoud Al-Ramahi described the attacks as political par excellence.

He said in a statement on Tuesday that Salam Fayyad, the illegitimate premier in Ramallah, had publicly declared that the arrests were made in the wake of both operations.

The lawmaker charged that the arrest campaign was launched in line with efforts to terminate resistance and pave the way before endorsing settlement projects.

Meanwhile, Hebrew media said that Abbas's militias had managed on Tuesday night to detain members of the armed cell that launched the two attacks.

An Israeli website said that those militias detained six people suspected of involvement in the attacks.