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"Assault on mosques is a racist policy"


Al Qassam website - Gaza, The Palestinian- Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, has condemened in a press release the Zionist assault on "Prophets' Mosque" in Beit Fujar village south of  Bethlehem.

In its press release, Hamas has strongly condemnend  the criminal assault by Zionist settlers who set fire to a mosque in Bethlehem city , considering the assault as serious and racist policy aimed at  targeting  Islam, Palestinian People and its sanctities.

Hamas has also described the assault as a failed attempt aimed at targeting the Palestinian people and its steadfast resistance. 

In the same context, Hamas has called on the Oslo team to stop the negotiations completely, and all kinds of security coordination with Zionist occupation and to refer to the option of Plaestinian national unity on a clear political vision protecting the Palestinian rights and constants.

Moreover, Hamas has called on the Palestinian people to protect the resistance inorder to confront settlement projects of Zionist occupation army.


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