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Enemy's statement to justify aggression

Enemy's statement to justify aggression

Netanyahu's statement a new attempt to justify aggression

Al Qassam website - Abu Obeida, the spokesman of Ezzedeen Al Qassam Brigades, considered the Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's claims on "possession of anti-aircraft missiles" as a new attempt to justify future aggression against the Palestinian people and to mislead the world through the exaggeration of resistance and its weapons.

He added in a statement to Al-Qassam website on Tuesday,19-10-2010, "We will not comment on information claimed by Zionist enemy,  but the future will witness and talk about the resistance performance in any future confrontation with the Zionists."

The spokesman added: "Resistance has the full right to have any means that effect on the Zionist enemy and harm it, our duty is to defend our people and our land by all the available means."