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Israeli nuclear reactor affects Palestinian life

Israeli nuclear reactor affects Palestinian life

Al Qassam website - He is trying to make his hands converge to hold his shirt, then complete his projects that do not exceed the yard of his home, he is running happily without any explanation for his joy, his laughs reached the birds above the trees and forced everyone around to smile.

Bilal, 12 years old, is different from what you should see in an ordinary kid, since he was five, he has one eye as a result of being infected with cancer. After a few years, he lost the second eye because of renewed sickness in his body, but although he understands what is happening around him and he tries to forget the reality and lives his childhood days.

This sad story takes us to a home in the village of Tower, south of Hebron. A humble house inhabited by ten brothers with their mother and father, the father exhausted from the demands of life.

His father, Mohammed Hanachi, said "Bilal was a natural child until the age of five when he began complaining of pain in his eye, the doctors told us that the cancer hit his right eye and must be removed immediately to stop the disease from spreading to the second eye. Two years later, he returned and complained of pain in his left eye, the disease moved to the other eye, so doctors removed the second eye."

The Zionist occupation torture the Palestinian people in order to evict them, the tower village located south of Hebron and it is the closest to the Zionist reactor "Dimona" nuclear, which effects on the residents of the tower village.

Dimona toxic remains

The father of the child accused the Zionist occupation of planting the cancer in his children's body, he confirms the existence of a cave near the village, the Zionist entity is transferred the occupation Nuclear toxic remains from the reactor, "Dimona", and bury it there.

Bilal was not the only child who has cancer in the village, several residents of the village complained of the increasing cancer after the establishment of the cave.

For his part, Chairman of the village, Abdul Jalil At Talahma, said that the cancer cases in the village has increased significantly after suspicious rounds carried out by Zionist occupation Forces (ZOF), the cave under the control of the Zionist entity.

He continues: "Several years ago, the ZOF toxic remains is transferred to the cave close to the village. Since then, the people injured with cancer due to leakage into the groundwater and not to mention the harmful radiations."


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