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IOF assassinates two brothers in Gaza

IOF assassinates two brothers in Gaza

Al Qassam website- Gaza – Israeli occupation air force assassinate two Palestinian commanders after targeting their car with two drone missiles at least in central Gaza.

Israeli occupation forces admitted of the assassination of  the two Palestinian commanders in central Gaza on the second day of Eidul Adha Wednesday  November 17th.

Israeli occupation forces confirmed that the attack was a coordinated Shin Bet and Israel occupation Forces assault targeting Islam Yassin, considered the "right hand man" of the Army of Islam's commander Mumtaz Dughmosh.

Palestinian medical crews reported that two Palestinians were killed and three others injured as a result of the Israeli airstrike, it also identified the two martyrs as Islam Yassin and Mohammed Yassin and  both are brothers.

An Israeli air-to-ground missile in Gaza City two weeks ago killed another senior member of the group, Mohammad Namnam, who was also considered a close associate of Dughmush, Israeli sources said.

Israeli occupation forces escalating the situation in the Gaza Strip by conducting a series of assassination operations against Palestinian resistance leaders and civilian people across the besieged Gaza Strip.

Bulldozing lands and shelling homes of the Palestinian people never stop by the destruction machine of the hateful Israeli occupation forces which conduct daily  military attacks against people.

However, Israeli occupation forces supported by tanks and bulldozers conduct daily attacks against the Palestinians living near the Gaza border, razing their homes and lands.

As it was responsible for committing a lot of massacres against the Palestinian people as what happened in the last Israeli war on Gaza and killing of 1,400 Palestinians, Israeli occupation forces is responsible for the recent escalation what grants the Palestinian resistance factions the full right to target the Israeli army and the illegal settlements anywhere in the occupied land of Palestine. watch photos below: