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Mohammed Deif vows to free detainees

Mohammed Deif vows to free detainees

Mohammed Deif vows to free detainees\

Al Qassam website-The senior commander of Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades Mohammed Deif stressed in a statement for Al Qassam newspaper "Darb Al Ezza" (path of dignity ) issued on Saturday at time of Abu Obeida's press conference, that the Ezzedeen Al Qassam Brigades today is stronger and more powerful  to continue the path of resistance and fight against  the enemies of  nation and humanity.

The commander said in a speech on the occasion of the 23rd of Hamas foundation anniversary "Do not pay attention to all attempts of intimidation, propaganda and media war, which waged by the Zionist enemy to terrorize our people to prevent him from supporting the resistance."

Deif stressed that the so-called (Israel) could not break us across more than twenty-three years. Today, it is weaker and weaker after all these years of the great sacrifices, preparation and construction.

The Deif said "After twenty-three-years, our Brigades stand in an advanced positions in resisting and fighting against the enemies, we did not tire or give up and will not bow to all oppression and Zionist crimes, today, we congratulate you (Palestinian people) because we know that each year that our movement is committed to path of , it will approach more and more from victory."

"We see the victory as we see the sun in daylight, and all sacrifices we have made over the past years are dowry for our next victory."

The commander promised the detainees in the Zionist jails with liberation, he said: "Our greetings to the Palestinian martyrs up to this day, our greetings to our great people and we promise the detainees with freedom."

In conclusion, the commander Deif addressed letter to the Zionist enemy, saying: "You are going to disappear and Palestine would remain to us with its cities and towns, from sea to river and from north to south, no right for you on any inch of it, no matter how long it takes and no matter how you try to obliterate its features, we will not raise the white flag to you as long as there is one Muslim on this planet."


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