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Abbas approval of French peace proposal "hasty"

Abbas approval of French peace proposal

Al Qassam website - Senior Hamas official Salah al-Bardawil has condemned Abbas's approval of the French proposal designed to urge the Palestinians to resume peace talks with Israel.

He said the position was “hasty, misguided, and had no relevance at this time”.

“The approval of the French initiative to again return to the cycle of futile negotiations on issues related to Israel, like security and borders – which Israel wants to impose inside the 1967 borders – we consider it a sort of retreat by the [Palestinian] Authority, and a failure to manage the conflict with the Israeli enemy, and a step backwards in Palestinian unity,” Bardawil said in a statement to Quds Press.

“Abu Mazen (Abbas) should not take any steps in isolation of the joint command created by the Palestinian reconciliation, especially since Israel doesn't care about such steps. It takes and doesn't give, and it benefits. Such a step would weaken the Palestinian position and bring the Palestinian ceiling below the minimal requirement.”

Abbas has welcomed a proposal by France to convene the Palestinians and Israelis to try and resume deadlocked peace talks. The proposal is aimed at blocking the Palestinians from unilaterally heading to the United Nations to seek statehood.


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