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No negotiations with the enemy

No negotiations with the enemy

Al Qassam website- Gaza- Palestinian Prime Minister of the Gaza government , Ismail Haniya, announced on Friday that his movement is united and strong, and that the only language of negotiations with the occupation understands is the language of resistance.

Speaking to worshippers during the Friday noon prayers at the Al Omary Mosque in Gaza, Haniya confirmed that Hamas is united and strong, and denied any internal conflicts among its leaders.

He stated that his government and the Hamas movement are committed to unity, to the Palestinian national interests, and that there will be no negotiations with the occupation.

Haniya further called on the Palestinian factions and the Palestinian people to protect the national unity agreement and to remain united, and that there will be no concessions on the legitimate Palestinian rights.

“Hamas will not abandon the national rights of the Palestinian people, Haniya said, “thousands were killed and injured to protect our rights, thousands were imprisoned to safeguard our national rights”.


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