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Haniyeh met European parliamentary delegation

Haniyeh met European parliamentary delegation

Al Qassam website - Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh met on Sunday evening a European parliamentary delegation at headquarter of Ministers.

The Information Office of the Government said in a statement that Haniyeh welcomed the delegation and expressed appreciation for the efforts they made to gain access to Gaza.


Haniyeh reviewed the delegation during the meeting on the latest developments in the Palestinian issue, pointing out the occupation violations against the unarmed Palestinian people, particularly in the Gaza Strip, calling for concerted efforts to stop the occupation practices against the Palestinian people.


Haniyeh gave the delegation a letter, to the European parliaments and the parliaments of the world, to work to lift the siege on the Gaza Strip, stressing the need to move in the direction of lifting the siege on Gaza.


Haniyeh hoped that the visit could help in breaking the siege on Gaza, stressing that the Palestinian government and the Palestinian people appreciate any effort to show solidarity with them.


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