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6 Israeli soldiers killed in "Eilat" Om Ar-Rashrash

6 Israeli soldiers killed in

Al Qassam website- Occupied Om Ar-Rashrash- Two Israeli military buses carrying soldiers were ambushed by a group of unknown militant members in the occupied territories city of Eillat( Om Ar-rashrash) southern of the occupied Palestine, Thursday August18th, 2011.

Israeli sources reported in an initial details that six Israeli soldiers were killed, while 25 others have suffered moderate to mild injuries in the attack, which took place about 30km(18 miles) north of Om Ar-Rashrash.

 The initial Israeli reports claim that three armed militants opened fire on the Egged bus 392, travelling on Route 12 in southern the occupied territories.

In a separate attack, massive explosion heard in Ber Sheva city where no enough details reported.