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Einas Khalil, five years old Palestinian girl, died today after being hit by a car driven by an Israeli settler near the town of Sinjil north of Ramllah, Enias was with her friend Toleen on their way home from Kindergarten, Toleen now in in critical condition



Four Katyusha rockets from Lebanon hit northern "Israel"

Four Katyusha rockets from Lebanon hit northern

Al Qassam website- Occupied territories- Four Katyusha rockets were fired from Lebanon at northern occupied territories on Monday night, causing damage to buildings and igniting a blaze that firefighters fought for hours. Israeli occupation sources reported that one of the 22-millimeter rockets struck a gas tank where no casualties were reported.

The Israeli occupation forces responded to the rockets by firing artillery rounds, Lebanese media sources said.

Israeli occupation army accused small factions who are connected to the Global Jihad of being behind the attacks.


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