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A Zionist march calls to speed up the "Temple" construction

A Zionist march calls to speed up the

Al Qassam website- Occupied Jerusalem- Zionist groups have organized, on Sunday, a march under the name "March of the doors" that marks the start of the Hebrew month, touring Old City's alleyways in Jerusalem, chanting slogans against Arabs and Muslims, and calling to speed up the construction of the alleged " Temple."

Al-Aqsa Foundation for Endowment and Heritage said, in press statement, that the occupation, Jewish organizations and extremist groups are continuing to pave the way for more attacks and violations towards Al-Aqsa mosque including the mentioned march.

The march was organized by Har Hamor organization, entitled "the return to the Temple Mount to build the temple and offer sacrifices," and protected by the occupation forces.

It had started at 7 pm from Buraq plaza towards the Wad neighborhood in the old city moving along Al-Aqsa gates, chanting hostile slogans against Arabs and Muslims and calling for the building of the alleged Temple. The March included Talmudic dances and anthems and ended by a ceremony few meters away from Al-Aqsa Mosque’s main gate, Al-Asbat gate.

Al-Aqsa Foundation affirmed that the occupation forced the Palestinian shopkeepers to close their shops two hours before the march, pointing out the demonstrators attacked Al-Aqsa gates, Jerusalemites and their shops.

This march which is organized every year since 2000, to mobilize Jews behind calls to build the Temple and to impose the Zionist control over Al-Aqsa mosque and Jerusalem and it is always linked to Talmudic rituals that date back to 1000 years as they claim, Al-Aqsa Foundation explained.


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