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Qaradawi: "We need to prepare for the day of "Israel's Demise"


ِAl Qassam website- Doha- Head of the International union for the Muslim scholars Sheikh Yousuf Al-Qaradawi renewed his optimistic remarks regarding  the demise of Zionist entity and the return of the occupied Jerusalem and Aqsa Mosque for Arabs and Muslims saying:" Zionists would inevitably demise in and out of Palestine and we are in wait for that day".

He urged Muslims in Friday sermon in Omer Bin Al Kahttab Mosque in Doha, to get prepared for the demise of Zionist entity, pointing out:" We have to prepare and prepare ourselves and prepare out youth for that day", reminding that Zionists have celebrated the 64th anniversary of the establishment of their state on the Palestinian land, the same time Palestinians remembered their painful memories of the Nakba .

Qaradwi reviewed  how strangers  gathered from West  and East to infiltrate inside to establish an illegal state on our country.

He expressed his deep sorrow over the recent situation in the occupied Palestine, adding that most of the Palestinian land become in hands of Jews, including the occupied Jerusalem and Aqsa Mosque.

Sheikh Qaradawi warned of the continued settlement expansion in the occupied Jerusalem and West Bank, adding that "Al Aqsa Mosque is in danger".

He appealed to the Arabs and Muslims to be fighters and Mujahideen and addressed them, saying: "Do not accept humiliation and disgrace of your brothers" .  He pointed out that Jews around the world do support the occupying entity with the power of money, politics, weapons, and  information, while we "the Arabs and Muslims" do not support our Palestinian brothers?!.


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