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Heija: Detainees isolated in Gilboa jail suffer from medical neglect

Heija: Detainees isolated in Gilboa jail suffer from medical neglect

Al Qassam website- Jenin- Palestinian prisoner Jamal Al-Heija, on hunger strike for 19 days in a solitary cell inside Gilboa jail, said the Israeli prison authority ignores the health conditions of isolated hunger strikers in its jails, according a lawyer who managed to visit him recently.

Heija told the lawyer, who was sent by the international Tadamun (solidarity) foundation for human rights, that the isolated prisoners in Gilboa jail are denied access to medical care, especially after they decided to go on hunger strike.

He added that he, personally, has not received any medical care and is not allowed to go to the clinic inside the prison, noting that a doctor came to his cell and asked him from behind the door about his health status without giving him any medical check-up.

The doctor told Heija that the jail administration's instructions prevent him from going to the clinic to receive proper medical examination.

Prisoner Heija also told the lawyer that all detainees, including Abbas Al-Sayed and Mohamed Arman, in the solitary cells of Gilboa jail are determined to maintain their hunger strike until all their just demands are fulfilled.

Heija affirmed that the prisoners in isolation will never accept half solutions or less than ending their isolation and giving them their rights fully.


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