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Jewish settlers assault Palestinians in Al Khalil

Jewish settlers assault Palestinians in Al Khalil

Al Qassam website - A Palestinian human rights lawyer and a woman were assaulted by Jewish settlers to the east of Yatta town in Al-Khalil province at noon Monday.

The lawyer, Nasser Nawaja, said that the settlers attacked him while trying to document their attacks on Palestinian farmers east of Yatta.

Nawaja, an activist working with the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem, said that the settlers broke his video camera and beat him with rifle butts and batons.

The lawyer said that the settlers also attacked 33-year-old Intisar Al-Jabarin while farming her family land along with other relatives. He said that the settlers attacked another group of citizens in the same area including a Peace Now activist.

Nawaja said that he was detained by Israeli occupation forces for four hours, adding that the soldiers did not budge to stop the settlers’ attacks.

He added that the phenomenon indicates the presence of an Israeli plan to facilitate settlers’ attacks in a bid to force the inhabitants of eastern Yatta to abandon their land.


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