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Hunger strikers Sarsak, Rikhawi in critical condition

Hunger strikers Sarsak, Rikhawi in critical condition

RAMALLAH - Detainees Mahmoud Sarsak and Akram Al-Rikhawi are in a very serious condition after 76 and 49 days of hunger strike respectively.

The Palestinian prisoner’s association said in a press release on Tuesday that Sarsak’s condition was critical as he is now held in isolation in Ramle prison hospital with severe pain and fainting every now and then. It said that results of medical tests were very bad.

It pointed out that the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) tried to convince Sarsak through a special committee to take vitamins because his life was in danger, but he refused.

It said that Rikhawi’s health was also very serious and was under big pressure to halt his hunger strike.

The association quoted both detainees as appealing for urgent pressure on the IOA to agree on their release, describing their appeal as the last call for saving their lives.


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