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Hamas refugee office slams Washington for reducing its aid for UNRWA

Hamas refugee office slams Washington for reducing its aid for UNRWA

Al Qassam website- Gaza- Director of the Hamas office for refugee affairs Isam Adwan denounced the US congress for making an amendment aimed at shrinking Washington's financial support for the UNRWA.

In a press release on Tuesday, Adwan called on the Palestinian authority in its capacity as an observer member of the UN to coordinate with Arab, Islamic and other members to submit a draft resolution asking the UN to allocate a fixed budget for the UNRWA.

He highlighted that the US is largely responsible for what happened to the Palestinian people because it orchestrated and approved the UN partition plan for Palestine in 1947, so it should continue to provide financial aid for the UNRWA.

He also noted that Israel was always the biggest party to pressure the US and the UN to liquidate the UNRWA because it constitutes a moral pressure on Israel and its name reminds the world constantly that the Zionist entity was established at the expense of the Palestinian people and their rights

The Hamas official suggested that the UNRWA can take a loan from the UN to cover its budget deficit as it did in 1949 until it is able to obtain the needed funding and get out of its financial crisis.

"UNRWA is reducing its services at the pretext that a number of donor countries have stopped providing financial assistance like Canada or decreased aid like the European union and that the US is deciding so as well; it seems clearly that there are intents and schemes to liquidate the work of the UNRWA, but it cannot be excused if it ends providing its services," the official underlined.

"There are about 240 international employees who receive very high salaries from the UNRWA and whose main jobs is to ensure that this agency successfully continues providing its relief, operational, health and educational programs and services for the Palestinian refugees; this group of employees are tasked with moving around the world to find the funding necessary for the survival of the agency," he added.


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