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The martyr Reem Rayashi’s grave embraces the rest of her body

The martyr Reem Rayashi’s grave embraces the rest of her body

Al Qassam website- Gaza- The body of Palestinian martyr Reem Rayashi remained divided between the “Cemeteries of Numbers” and her gave in Gaza built by her family to bury Reem’s remains that they received from the occupation right after her martyrdom during a commando operation in Beit Hanoun crossing “Erez”, Northern Gaza.

Rayashi, a mother of two children, had carried out on  14 January  2004 a martyrdom operation targeting a gathering of occupation soldiers and officers in Beit Hanoun crossing and resulting in killing four officers and wounding others.

Rami Rayashi, Reem's brother, told "Quds Press" that right after the operation the occupation authoroties handed over to the family remains of Reem's body weighing only 12 kilograms."

 "We thought that it was all that was left of her body and that the rest should have been melted or blown because of the intensity of the explosion, without knowing that the occupation kept the rest of her remains in a grave carrying the number (5176) in the cemeteries of numbers all that period," Her brother added.

Rayashi stressed that when they had buried his sister’s remains sent by the occupation, they had not been aware that there had been another part kept by the occupation. He considered the occupation’s act as unacceptable and aims at punishing the family.

He pointed out that as soon as they receive the body’s remains, they will bury it in her grave in Sheikh Ajlin graveyard with the rest of her body.

Reem Rayashi's commando operation was a heavy blow to the occupation forces and its intelligence since it was carried out at a time when the occupier had been fortifying all its settlements and all military sites in the Gaza Strip making it difficult to approach them.


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