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Palestinian prisoner suffers heart attack

Palestinian prisoner suffers heart attack

Al Qassam website - Palestinian prisoner Raed Da’amsa suffered a severe heart attack in the Israeli Nafha prison, his relatives told the PIC on Saturday.

They said that the heart attack left Da’amsa’s left hand and left foot paralyzed.

Da’amsa, who is serving a seven and a half years sentence, was transferred to hospital, the relatives said, adding that no other information was given to the family.

They appealed to the human rights groups and the Red Cross to inquire about his health condition and expose the Israeli practices against him.

Israeli occupation forces arrested Da’amsa on 21/5/2007, they said, adding that he was subjected to cruel interrogation rounds for six months and was deprived of sleep for long periods of time. They noted that Da’amsa was told he would only get out of prison paralyzed if he did not confess.

Da’amsa is married and has five children, four daughters and a son, who he did not see because he was born few months after his detention.


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