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Israeli Jet Fighters target a motorcycle in Deir al Balah

Israeli Jet Fighters target a motorcycle in Deir al Balah

Al Qassam Website - Gaza -The Israeli jet fighters luanched an air strike against Palestinian civilian in Deir Al Balah district in the middle of Gaza strip at evening, 19-6-2012.

The medical sources reported that a palestinian man injured critically, no further details were given.

Earlier, Two Palestinian minors were killed on Tuesday morning 19/6 by Israeli military near the Israeli military base of Kesofim east of Deir  Al Balah in Central Gaza Strip.

Al Qassam correspondent reported that Israeli military forces have opened fire at a group of citizens in the area what led to the killing  of the two minors, Mohammed Bassam Abu Moa'liq ,16, years old and Yousef At-Tilbani ,16, years old.

He added that medical crews have evacuated the bodies of the two martyrs stating that they were killed in cold blood at short range distance.

The medical sources in Al Aqsa hospital in Central Gaza said that the two bodies were totally disfigured by shelling them after death as seems.

Israeli military forces claimed at Tuesday at dawn the kidnapping of two Palestinians after they were shot in east of Al Maghazi refugee camp in Central Gaza Strip.

Recent Israeli escalation against Gaza led to the killing of 6 Palestinians, Jihad Abu Shabab, Abdullah Hassan Azanin, Mohammed Shabat, Ismail Abu Odeh, Mohammed Abu Moa'liq and Yousef At-Tilbani.


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