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Israel hit Gaza 58 times last month

Israel hit Gaza 58 times last month

RAMALLAH - The central commission for documentation and pursuit of Israeli war criminals-Tawtheeq said the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) bombed the Gaza Strip in last June more than 58 times during which 19 Palestinians were killed.

Tawtheeq added in a press release on its website that the Israeli aerial and artillery attacks led to the injury of more than 77 others and caused severe material damage to property.

It also said the Israeli navy during that month attacked Palestinian fishermen off the coast of Gaza seven times and kidnapped 16 of them, while the land troops carried out several limited incursions into different areas of Gaza and damaged agricultural lands and property.

The commission pointed out to some of the Israeli violations in the West Bank, saying that the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) demolished nine homes and six wells in different West Bank villages, and issued dozens of demolition orders against other homes.

The IOA also approved a plan to build a settlement outpost on three dunums of land in Silwan district of occupied Jerusalem and started to build 180 settlement units in Talpiot settlement south of Jerusalem.


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