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Solidarity Week in Gaza with Hunger Strikers

Solidarity Week in Gaza with Hunger Strikers

Al Qassam website - The Islamic and national forces in Gaza strip announced in a conference today that this week will be a solidarity week with the Hunger Strikers to support their struggle in different events, to highlight the issue of political detainees to the international community and to demand detainees’ basic rights.

The schedule is:

Saturday 1/9/2012: Conference about the latest news from prisons specially about the hunger strikers.

Sunday 2/9/2012: Protest by cars holding Palestine flags and the hunger strikers posters staring from the Red Crescent office ending to it.

Monday 3/9/2012:  Solidarity protest at the Red Crescent and give a letter to the director of Red Crescent then move to the UN and give them a letter too in order to intervene to end prisoner's suffering. 

Tuesday 4/9/2012: call all medias to highlight the hunger strike issue to the international community and to demand detainees’ basic rights.

Wednesday 4/9/2012: different events in different places

Thursday 5/9/2012: A solidarity hunger strike day and fasting outside the Red Crescent office staring from 8 a.m – 6 p.m

Friday: the Ministry of religious affairs asks the “Imam’s” to talk about this issue in the Friday prayer in all mosques in Gaza and West Bank. Source: Ahrar


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