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leader Abbas al-Sayed to the court: You should pay not me!

leader Abbas al-Sayed to the court: You should pay not me!

Al Qassam website - After 30 court  hearings,  Abbas al-Sayed won today the case which Hotel Park raised against him and his personal aide, to pay a fine for resisting the occupation about  2.2 $ million.

Fuad al-Khuffash said that Alsayed said in the trail before the judge: “ We will not pay for our struggling, you who should pay for the destroying of our cities, we have the right to defend our land, we are not guilty”.

The judgment is issued and Al-Sayed and his cell won the case.

On 27 March 2002, Israeli people were in Natanya’s Park Hotel, when Abdel-Basset Odeh from Hamas detonated large device packed with explosives and shards of metal. The resulting was 30 killed and more than 100 were injured.

In May 2002, Israeli forces arrested the mastermind behind the attack, Abbas al-Sayed. On 22 September 2005, al-Sayed was convicted of the Passover attack and also of ordering the May 2001 bombing of Natanya’s Park Hotel. He received 35 life sentences.

There are 3 men with abbas al-Sayed also: Ahmad Al-Jauisi received 35 life sentences , Muhannad Shrim received 29 life sentences. And Fathi Raja Ahmad received 29 life sentences

Noteworthy if the occupation decided to take fines in each bombing  it will deduct  from the tax money belonging to the Palestinian Authority through, where the occupation froze nearly two million dollars from the funds of the Authority for such things. Source: Ahrar


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