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Calls for the largest solidarity campaign with hunger strikers

Calls for the largest solidarity campaign with hunger strikers

GAZA - Palestinian prisoners’ studies center called on official, popular and human rights organizations and all those interested in the prisoners' issue to participate in the largest solidarity campaign with the four hunger striking prisoners on Tuesday.

The solidarity campaign called for by Palestinian prisoners’ studies center coincides with the hunger strike launched by all prisoners, for one day, to support the four hunger strikers in Israeli jails.

The Center's Media Director, researcher Riyad al-Ashqar, said the conditions of the four prisoners, who have been on hunger strike for a number of weeks, has become extremely serious.

He called on everyone to take a unified stand and a clear strategy to support these prisoners before it is too late and before they die in Israeli jails as a result of the deterioration in their situation, amid the occupation authorities’ negligence to their just demands for freedom and halting their ongoing suffering.

Al-Ashqar noted that there is a dramatic decline in supporting the hunger striking prisoners' cause in Israeli jails, over the recent period, and that this would prolong the suffering of these prisoners and encourage the occupation to commit more repressive procedures against them.

He also called for considering today, Tuesday, as the national day of solidarity with the hunger striking prisoners, especially that prisoners in all the occupation jails announced their intention to refuse food for today in solidarity with the four hunger striking captives.

Riad al-Ashqar stated that despite the announcement of the release of captive Samer al-Barq and his deportation to Egypt, this decision will not be implemented until Wednesday because of Jewish holidays, while al-Barq has not halted his hunger strike until the moment after 118 days.


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