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Palestinian dies of wounds he sustained 9 years ago

Palestinian dies of wounds he sustained 9 years ago

GAZA - A young Palestinian man died on Thursday evening of wounds he sustained nine years ago by occupation forces' fire, after a long battle with his injuries.

Local sources said that the young Iyad Saeed Sheikh Khalil, 24, from al-Nasser neighborhood in Gaza City, died on Thursday of wounds sustained in April 9, 2003.

An Israeli military tank penetrated, on that date, into Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip and fired machine guns towards a number of school students seriously wounding Sheikh Khalil with a bullet penetrating his spinal cord resulting in hemiplegia.

Sheikh Khalil had been transferred between several hospitals; in Gaza, the West Bank, the territories occupied in 1948, Egypt and Jordan.

Several days ago, Sheikh Khalil was transferred to the hospital after his health condition worsened, where he died Thursday evening.


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