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Bahar: Palestinian people will never give up RoR

Bahar: Palestinian people will never give up RoR

Al Qassam website - First deputy speaker of the Palestinian legislative council Dr. Ahmed Bahar has asserted that the Palestinian people would never give up the right of return for millions of its refugees.

He said during a meeting with members of the Jordanian aid convoy Ansar-3 on Tuesday that the Palestinian people are adamant on their constants topped by the right of return and refuse any alternative homeland to Palestine.

He told the 76-member delegation accompanying the convoy that such convoys prove that Arab and Islamic peoples along with free people of the world were in support of the Palestinian people and their right to live in freedom and dignity.

Ahmed Al-Armuti, the head of the delegation, affirmed that the Jordanian monarch, government and people support the just Palestine cause.

He said that the Palestinian refugees are entitled to return to their cities and villages from which they were forcibly evicted, adding that Jordan supported the full liberation of all occupied Palestinian land. Source: PIC


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