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Home of Palestinian Demolished, Owner Arrested

Home of Palestinian Demolished, Owner Arrested

Al Qassam website (agencies) – Occupation army force Tuesday demolished part of house owned by Wahid Abu Maria, 45, in the Hebron area village of Beit Ummar and arrested him, according to a local activist.

An army force accompanied by a bulldozer demolished part of Abu Maria’s house in the early hours and without any prior warning.

The soldiers fired tear gas and stun grenades in the area to keep people away and arrested the owner as they proceeded to demolish parts of the house.

Witness said the soldier beat and wounded two of Abu Maria’s brothers who intervened to stop the demolition. The two required hospitalization.

A statement by the Islamic Jihad described Abu Maria as a leading member of its organization in the Hebron area and that he was arrested two days after the fundamentalist organization held a rally in Hebron for the first time in many years to mark its establishment.

It said the Israeli force arrested Abu Maria after demolishing parts of his house and after firing several grenades at it to force him to surrender. Abu Maria had served a total of 17 years in Israeli jails in the last 25 years, said the statement.


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