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Haneyya: Israeli threats will never intimidate us

Haneyya: Israeli threats will never intimidate us

Al Qassam website - Gaza premier Ismail Haneyya said, during an inspection tour of those wounded in the Israeli aggression on Gaza, that Israeli threats to assassinate political figures “will never intimidate us or break our will.”

He told a press conference on Tuesday after a tour of the Shifa hospital in Gaza city that the Israeli attacks on the Palestinian people and resistance would not demoralize them.

The premier said that his government acted on more than one track to bridle the aggression and sent messages to the UN Security Council, the Arab League, and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation demanding immediate action to halt the aggression.

He said that the government held those organizations responsible for any harm done to the Palestinian people as a result of the Israeli aggression.

Haneyya described as a massacre the Israeli shelling of a family mourning tent last Saturday in which four civilians were killed and 20 others injured.

The Israeli leaders should stand trial as war criminals for committing a series of massacres against the Palestinian people in Gaza, he said, adding that the Israeli occupation forces used internationally-banned weapons in the war on Gaza in 2008.


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