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Israel kills Palestinian child in Gaza city

Israel kills Palestinian child in Gaza city

Al Qassam website – Palestinian medical sources report that the Israeli Jet Fighters killed Palestinian child in an air raid east of Gaza city on Wednesday evening after along round of Israeli killing against Palestinian civilians.

The medical sources confirm that the child Ranan Yousif Arafat, who aged 7 years.

Earlier, Palestinian medical and security sources has announced that Israel killed the military chief of Ezzedeen Al Qassam Brigades on Wednesday as multiple attacks struck the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli war Jet Fighters carry out more than ten airstrikes against Gaza people and their properties; the Israeli forces targeted an empty land in Al Qarara village east of Khanyounis city; the Palestinian medical sources said that no injuries were reported.

Israel target on Palestinians in Ash-shujaea neighborhood east of Gaza city. The medicals reported that two Palestinians were killed in this raid.

The Israeli attacks end what had appeared to be a period of calm following four days of Israeli attacks that killed 11 Palestinian civilians and injured at least 50.


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