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Prisoner Khaldoun Barghouti’s children are waiting him

Prisoner Khaldoun Barghouti’s children are waiting him

Al Qassam website (Agencies) - Raghad Khaldoun Barghouti says to her father: “Dad Take care of yourself The atmosphere is cold and I hope you will take care of yourself very well in this cold weather … we’re fine.”

Khaldoun Rohi Asfour was arrested more than once, 40 years old, from the town of Cooper, city of Ramallah, a father of six children youngest is “Gena”, who came to this world while her father was in the prison and now she is two months old and half.

“Um Obeida”, wife of captive Khaldoun, said to Ahrar center for prisoners studies and human rights: “Khaldoun was arrested in 2003 and sentenced to four years. Khaldoun did not live a stability life with us, because of Israeli attacks and repeated arrests against him, we live a life that security and peace.

Khaldun was arrested finally in 21.3.2012 and was taken to Beersheba prison then Negev and the latest Ofer, during his detention duration he suffers from ill-treatment and cruelty investigation, until he was suffering from pain in his stomach because of beatings and torture.”

She added: ” In the beginning the court sentenced him for six months under the administrative detention, and when he finished the court said that on 11/29/2012 he will have another court, but we asked the lawyer to postpone the court, because the prison administration and the Court before the judgment against Khaldoun, has requested a fine of $ 300,000 shekels and was reduced to 200,000 shekels, so court was postponed to 12/18/2012.

“Um Obeida” told Ahrar center about their suffering in the absence of a father and husband: “The House needs Khaldoun, and I have six kids, and their education is not easy, and I miss him too much, Khaldoun was helping me in teaching children, but now I carry a heavy burden, and I ask God Almighty to help me and to be a good mother and wife who hold this responsibility.”

Khaldoun’s children, who lack their father in every moment, especially as they said, “We miss our father more when we back from school, we imagine that he is waiting for us, but we grieve when we do not see him, it’s not enough for us to visit and see him from behind the glass, but we want our father we really do not just a far image.”

Khaldoun’s family still waiting him asking Allah to free him and all prisoners soon.

Fuad Al Khuffash the director of Ahrar, said that Barghouti’s family is one of struggling families in Palestine who has provided many of the prisoners and martyrs and Khaldoun is one of these prisoners who was nominated in this family and he is an example of activist beloved among all prisoners.

Al-Khuffash added that Khaldoun is helpful likes to help everyone and provides services within the prison for each prisoner, he is one of the characters that are unanimous within the ranks of Palestinian prisoner movement.


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