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Government: 184 were killed and 1399 were wounded in aggression

Government: 184 were killed and 1399 were wounded in aggression

Al Qassam website- Gaza- The Palestinian government in Gaza announced that the total number of people killed in the Israeli aggression, which lasted from the 14th to 21st November, hits 184, while the number of the wounded reached 1399.

It noted that 86.8 % of the martyrs and the wounded were male and that more than half of them were children and elderly people, pointing out that 87.9 % of the martyrs had suffered multiple injuries, while 28.3% had been hit in the head and neck.

The government indicated, at a press conference on Sunday afternoon at the Al-Shifa medical complex in Gaza, that the total material losses of the aggression on the Strip have reached one billion and 200 million dollars, including half a billion dollars are direct losses in different sectors, which have been monitored and recorded by the technical committees formed by the concerned ministries.

According to the report, which was submitted by the government during the conference, the total losses which ranged between the commercial and industrial sectors hits $213 million, including $90.5 million as the losses of the industrial sector and $122.5 million represent the total losses of the commercial sector.

The report also stated that the damage caused by the recent aggression to the transportation sector equaled three million U.S. dollars, and included damage to vehicles, maintenance workshops, shops selling replacement parts and showrooms.

In a presentation of the damage to the agricultural sector, the government pointed to the destruction of about 37 thousand fruit trees, as about 1,000 dunums had been targeted and bombed by the Israeli jets and artillery shells. The results indicate that the direct and indirect agricultural losses hit $93 million so far.


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