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Ghussain: No rockets were fired at Askalan

Ghussain: No rockets were fired at Askalan

Al Qassam website-Gaza-  Ehab Al-Ghussain, the government spokesman in Gaza, has denied that any rockets were fired from the coastal enclave at Askalan as claimed by the Israeli occupation authorities.

Ghussain said in a press release on Tuesday that his government was following up the news report on the issue, adding that no known faction had claimed responsibility for the incident.

The spokesman charged that the IOA was trying to draw the attention away from its constant crimes in lines of the Palestinian people, land and holy shrines, the latest being the killing of Palestinian prisoner Arafat Jaradat under torture.

He held the IOA responsible for consequences of the great popular anger, adding that the Palestinian people are fully entitled to defend themselves, their land and holy shrines.

The IOA claimed that a projectile fired from Gaza landed south of Askalan on Tuesday morning.


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