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Hamas Prominent woman leader Passed Away

Hamas Prominent woman leader Passed Away

Al Qassam website – Gaza -  The MP in the Palestinian Legislative Council, Miriam Farahat, popularly known as Umm Nidal, died at dawn on Sunday (17/3), hours after entering the intensive care unit at Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza City.

Ashraf Al Qedra, the spokesman of the Ministry of Health in Gaza, confirmed the death of Umm Nidal in a brief statement on his "Face book" page.

Our correspondent in Gaza City said that Farahat will be buried along with her ​​three martyr sons in Al Shuhadaa (The Martyrs) eastern cemetery.

The medical sources had noted to the deterioration of the health of Farhat last night, and said that hundreds of citizens and supporters of Hamas and its leaders, led by Prime Minister in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, and Vice President of the Legislative Council Ahmed Bahar, and a leading figure Mahmoud al-Zahar and others, gathered  in Al Shifa Hospital.

The correspondent pointed out that  Umm Nidal has returned yesterday from  Egypt after a long medical trip, where doctors confirmed her affliction with severe cirrhosis of the liver, and inflammatory bowel disease.

Farhat was born in Shijaia neighborhood in Gaza City in 1949, and became a deputy in the Legislative Council for Hamas in the legislative elections that took place in 2006, and she is one of the prominent feminist leaders in Palestine.

Umm Nidal Farahat became known as "Khansa of Palestine", because of her great sacrifices during Al-Aqsa Intifada and before that, where her house was home to many prominent leaders of Al-Qassam especially Emad Akel, who was assassinated in her home in 1993 after a violent armed clash with the Israeli occupation forces.

The Israeli occupation forces assassinated her elder son Nidal in 2003; they also assassinated her third son Rawad after bombing his car in Gaza City in 2005, while her second son Wesam was released from the Israeli prison in 2005 after serving 11 years.


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