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Ahrar: Occupation extends the detention of cartoonist Saba’neh

Ahrar: Occupation extends the detention of cartoonist Saba’neh

Al Qassam website (Ahrar center) - Ahrar center for Prisoners studies and human rights denounced procrastination by the Israeli court for arresting of cartoonist, Mohammed Saba’neh, 34 years old from the town of Qabatia near the city of Jenin.

For his part, Fuad Al-Khuffash, the director of the center said that captive Saba’neh, who was arrested on 16/2/2013, is still suspended, and the prison administration and the court postpone his case, under the pretext of preparing file charges against him.

Al- Khuffash, the Palestinian journalists syndicate , and the Arab Journalists Association, to work to expose the crimes of the Israeli occupation against journalists, writers, and intellectuals, who arrested dozens of them inside the jails without any reasons, but they express the truth by their pens.

The prisoner Muhammad Saba’na, works as a cartoonist for al-Hayat al-Jadida newspaper and a brother of the captive Thamer Saba’neh, the specialist in prisoners’ affairs and liberated prisoners, who was arrested after him a few weeks, is still suspended so far, and Thamer had been released just months before from the Israeli occupation prisons.


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