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Palestinian popular rejection of Obama's visit

Palestinian popular rejection of Obama's visit

Al Qassam website - A number of Palestinian activists and politicians expressed their rejection of the visit ​​by U.S. President Barack Obama to the Palestinian territories on Thursday.

Several popular marches were launched in a number of Palestinian towns and villages to denounce the visit, while popular groups stated that they do not believe the visit serves the interests the Palestinian people and their just cause.

In the city of Ramallah; the Palestinian Authority security apparatus set up three human barriers on Tuesday evening to prevent a mass rally, rejecting Obama's visit, from reaching the al-Muqata'a headquarters.

Hundreds of demonstrators marched from Menara roundabout and roamed the city streets, before heading toward the Muqata'a headquarters, where they were stopped and attacked by security elements.

The demonstrators chanted slogans against U.S. President Obama and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, and expressed condemnation of the policy of security coordination with the occupation.

PA security had earlier announced the closure of all the streets of the city of Al-Bireh.

More than 500 U.S. security elements are expected to arrive to the Palestinian territories to secure Obama's visit.

Member of the Popular Resistance, Issam Bakr, confirmed that the United States have proven to be a partner in the aggression against the Palestinian people and cannot be an honest broker for the resumption of any negotiations.

For its part; Hizb ut-Tahrir (Party of Liberation) in Palestine announced on Tuesday its rejection to the visit and to the American interference in Muslim issues in general and in the Palestinian issue in particular.

The Party announced the launch of a campaign of activities and public events to express Palestinians' rejection of the visit of "the head of the world's first terrorist state," as it pointed.

Meanwhile; phrases like "We do not trust America”... "Not welcome ... ally of Israel, enemy of Palestine" were posted on different websites in expression of popular discontent toward the United States and its president

The PA security arrested during in the past two days, groups of boys and young men in the city of Ramallah on the backdrop of tearing posters of the American President and organizing events against his visit.


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