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Resheq to U.S. State Department: Hamas does not beg for dialog

Resheq to U.S. State Department: Hamas does not beg for dialog

Al Qassam website- Beirut- Member of Hamas political bureau Ezzat Resheq rejected statements of U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland in which she said that U.S. will not hold dialog with Hamas before its commitment to meet the international Quartet demands.

Nuland said on Thursday that the international Quartet demands are represented in rejecting terrorism, recognizing Israel, and recognizing the agreements signed between Israel and the Palestinians.

The Hamas leader stressed his complete rejection of these statements, which he described as a continuation of the U.S. administration biased policy to the occupation.

He stressed that Hamas will never recognize Israel and that the Palestinian resistance is not terrorism, but a legitimate struggle to liberate the land, according to all international norms and laws.

"Hamas is not begging for dialogue with the United States. It derives its legitimacy from the support of its people and nation, from its adherence to the Palestinian rights and national constants and from defending its people, land and sanctities", Resheq asserts.


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