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Ayman Abu Daoud Letter: Stand With Me

Ayman Abu Daoud Letter: Stand With Me

Al Qassam website (Ahrar) - The hunger striker prisoner Ayman Abu Daoud sent a letter to the liberated prisoners in “wafa Al-Ahrar deal” to stand with him in his escalatory steps to protest his continued detention.

The Ahrar director said that Ayman who was released by Wafa Al-Ahrar deal started a hunger strike yesterday in protest of re-sentencing his former prison’s judgment, which is 36 years in prison.

Fuad Alkhuffash added that prisoner Ayman Abu Daoud decided to go on hunger striker as a result of the neglect of his case, and not paying any attention especially against the ex-detainees, and that Israeli didn’t respect the terms of exchange deal.

Prisoner Abu Daoud was re-arrested on 13/2/2012 only few months after his release in the prisoners’ exchange deal. He had served seven years of his 36-year sentence and the Israeli occupation authorities were adamant on forcing him to complete his 36-year sentence he decided to go on hunger strike as clear evidence of the violation against the liberated prisoners.


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