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Occupation deprives Awni Kamil from completing high education

Occupation deprives Awni Kamil from completing high education

Agencies -The Israeli occupation continued to arrest Palestinian academics, intellectuals, and students in its jails for their political affiliation in total violation to the Palestinian and international laws related to freedom of thought and expression.

The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) have arrested on March 28, 2013 the Palestinian young man Awni Kamil, 26, from Qabatiya town in Jenin. Kamil, a student at Al-Najah National University, was arrested in Israeli prisons 3 times before.

The liberated prisoner Abu Mohamed, Awni’s father, told Ahrar center that his son, who was deprived from completing his Master Thesis, was arrested from his house and taken to Jalama detention center for investigation.

Awni suffers a dislocated shoulder due to an incident two months ago, the father added, expressing his concerns about his health situation.

Awni was expected to finish his Master Thesis in few days but his repeated detentions during his undergraduate studies and his recent arrest deprived him to achieve his dream, Abu Mohamed pointed out.

Umm Mohamed, Kamil’s mother, confirmed that her family has used to the Israeli arbitrary arrests, noting that her three sons Mohamed, Ahmed, and Mujahed in addition to Awni were all subjected to repeated arrests by the IOF.

The occupation tries to remove any joy in Palestinian houses by arresting and jailing Palestinian youths and depriving them from achieving success, the mother added.

Awni’s three brothers, who know carefully the bitterness of detention, called for their brother’s release in order to complete his high education.

For his part, Fuad ِAl-Khuffash, Ahrar Center for Prisoners’ Studies’ Director, stressed that the occupation arrests deliberately the Palestinian university students to disrupt their graduation in an attempt to spread illiteracy within the Palestinian people.


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