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Lawyer: “Eesawy Conditionally Agrees To End Hunger Strike”

Lawyer: “Eesawy Conditionally Agrees To End Hunger Strike”

Agencies - Palestinian Minister of Detainees in Ramallah, Issa Qaraqe’, reported that hunger striking Palestinian detainee, Samer Al-Eesawy, expressed a conditional acceptance of an Israeli officer to end his strike in exchange for his release on October 10 this year.

Qaraqe’ said Israeli security officers agreed to release Al-Eesawy after spending additional six months starting on May 7 until October 10 in exchange for stopping his hunger strike that started on August 1 of 2012.

Lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS), Naseem Abu Gush, visited Al-Eesawy on Sunday at the Capalan Israeli hospital, and said that Al-Eesawy insists that the deal should be written, and signed, in front of the lawyer, especially since he does not trust the Israeli intelligence and security officers. 

Abu Gush added that Al-Eesawy said that he would stop taking vitamins should Israel refrain from presenting a legally binding agreement that should be signed in front of lawyers, and Red Cross representatives.

The lawyer further stated that this offer is one of many offers that were presented to, and rejected, by Al-Eesawy due to the lack of binding legally agreements.

The detainee started his strike after Israeli soldiers kidnapped him in direct violation of the Prisoner Swap deal that secured his release, in October of 2011, along with more than a 1000 detainees in return for the release of Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, who was captured by the resistance in Gaza in June of 2006.


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