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Israel continues to break cease-fire, kills Palestinian in Gaza

Israel continues to break cease-fire, kills Palestinian in Gaza

Al Qassam website- Palestinian man has been assassinated and another has been injured in an Israeli airstrike on western Gaza city on Tuesday, locals said.

Al Qassam correspondent reported that Israeli warplanes
fired at a motorcycle west of Gaza City. Haitham al-Mishal, 29, from ash-Shati "beach" refugee camp was killed in the attack, and another unidentified man was injured, medical official Ashraf al-Qidra said.

The two men were instantly evacuated by the Palestinian medical crews to al-Shifa hospital.
Israeli military has recently escalated attacks on Gaza, conducted many incursions near the isolation fence and destroyed  farms that belong to Palestinian farmers living near border.

Hamas and the Palestinian resistance factions have committed to an agreement of cease-fire with the Israeli army  which was supervised and signed  by an Egyptian mediation.

"Breaking the agreement of cease-fire by Israel has crossed the red lines, and we would respond strongly to any upcoming Israeli aggression", Al Ansar Brigades said.


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